God Complex

from by Above, Below



Flowing amongst the wicked smiles of my reflected self
I take a step into the mirror, i take my final breath.

I exit the god machine and sail on the particles of entropy
consuming the stars that try to feed off me
I bring the total collapse of everything.

Destruction nervosa.
This is my denouement.

I am creation.
The architect of perfect design.
I am the highest form of omnipotence.
I am divine.

Peer through the stained glass
Do you see what I see?
This pure malevolence
no longer a clandestine dream

You lost this eden long ago

Long foretold was my rapture,
now it has come
My esoteric understanding will tear you apart
Cathartic illusions have clouded your minds
I am your exile.

Abandon all hope
ye who defy me.

Forge your path to the dirt.

Worship me,
for I am your…
I am your god now!
Fear me!


from The Sowers of Discord, released January 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Above, Below Sydney, Australia

Progressive Energy.

Debut EP 'The Sowers of Discord' Out Now.


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