The Sowers of Discord

by Above, Below

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released January 12, 2017

Produced & Engineered by
Nicholas Page at From Dust Studios
Co-Produced & Co-Engineered by Jacob Wilkes and Nicholas Bird at MilkBottle Sounds
Mix & Mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings
Artwork by Pat Fox




all rights reserved


Above, Below Sydney, Australia

Progressive Energy.

Debut EP 'The Sowers of Discord' Out Now.

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Track Name: Ephemeral
Obscure reflections stare back at me
through the tainted water.
Neglected exposure;
I am the product of this distorted culture,
eclipsed by my antic disposition
I’m merely an illusionary shell fed to chimeras.

Fragmented constructs of a fluorescent realm
incept a twilight and destruct the elms.
A collective myopic gaze entrances us all
oh how i pity this despondent existence.

The lustrous phantom; Speaks of tongues obscured.
The pale lumiére; Speaks of eyes deluded.

My innocence was stolen by the birds who couldn’t see
singing sonnets as the earth stood and screamed
and at the end of it all
I was torn from soul
begging that one day,
I might be whole.
And at the end of it all,
I might be whole.

I set my heart ablaze and watched it flare nihility

But then the gateway appeared to me
and showed me the path,
that would reconstruct my life
that would purge this condition,
and understand my disdain,
this world is nothing more
than the quintessence of dust

Show me how to rid myself of the shadows that lurk inside of me

And at the start of it all,
I was torn from soul
begging that one day,
in time,
I might be whole…

Show me how to rid myself of the shadows that lurk inside of me.
Track Name: I.I Purgatory
The devils dance with me as I descend
such beauty smothers me; Euphoric dissonance
Unmask the beauty in the abyss
where the ones with no eyes, sing elegies at my feet.

I dared to fix my eyes upon the light
I stared so deep my vision was consumed
and as I observed what it held in its depths
the dreams i had lost
began to bloom…

Its creation, omniscient,
such as the scattered leaves of time
its elegance fused in such a way,
that what i now describe
is but a glimmer of that light.

My thoughts, like black smoke, arose from my skull
and shattered the sky that once shone above.
A broken symphony calls to me from the flames
A haunting orchestra caressing the dreams i crave

When I got lost in depths
their minds got lost in the flood
I yearn for what they fear for.
Purgatory my love, take my soul and set it free
I yearn for what they fear for

It was only in the nocturne, that she came to me
A constricted figment of my discoveries.
A solemn guide that knew me better than I
who let me out of this pathetic lullaby.

Purgatory's calling out to me.

It was only in the nocturne that I came to her
an unbound spirit from the mind of sepulchre

When I got lost in depths
their minds got lost in the flood
I yearn for what they fear for.
Purgatory my love, take my soul and set it free
I yearn for what they fear for

When I got lost in the depths, their minds lost in the flood
Purgatory my love, take my soul and set it free.

Show me the light…
Can you show me the light?
Let me indulge in the blight…
Track Name: I.II Inferno
Broken glass replaces my eyes
and the reflections torment me
torn apart from what was my host;
Reconfiguring my being.

I am the architect of my own pain,
I ripped my mind in two in an effort to feel less estranged.
The inferno echoes inside
as i tread through the circles,
just waiting…
Waiting to die.

Through me, we go into eternal destruction.
Through me, we will run amongst the lost.

Dancing in a city of woe
a troubled spirit with nowhere to go
lost amongst the flames of broken dreams
I find solace in my own screams.

Cynically starstruck.
This is my affliction.

I enter the god machine,
conflagration is my only need.

I peered upon my former self through the blackened smoke
and in the back of my mind I wanted him to choke
I've given up on the world above
soon they will see what rests below.

…and when the churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world.

Look into my eyes!
Embrace the fear!
Track Name: I.III Paradise
Light the way!

Severed morality, such a maelstrom.
I have strayed so far from where i’ve come.
My course was set for an uncharted sea
but now I’m finding it so hard to breathe.

Light the way

I’m peering through the veil of darkness
and from a spark bursts a flame

I feel the light,
it blinds my eyes.
The heat of its efflorescence,
masks a lie.
As it fades, into the divine
I’m told of a place called paradise.

They've have led me through the eternal realm.
and raised me above the clouds
and now soon I will see,
what I am to be.

I’ve traversed 9 circles of affliction
for this one moment of revelation.
Please just open my eyes
Please just show me my paradise

My eyes…
They’re turning black…

I am whole again.
Even with stakes in my hands,
I am whole again.

Unmask the flames behind the ice
and look with our own thousand eyes.
Once you see the desolation as i have
You will see your paradise.
Track Name: In Perpetuum
I’m falling out of this once perpetual state of obscurity,
I’m standing on the edge,
Is this my exodus?

Gliding amongst the lunar moths,
who’s patterns speak of what i thought was lost
becoming one with translucent devils,
is this the void where i evolve?

Echoes of the forgotten consume the air as the oracles possess me
their lapsed whispers speak in tongues,
oh how they bid me
“Open your mind and let your thoughts collide”

Eros guide me through ecstasy,
and bathe my mind in this liquid dimension

I move with ease, and glide through this kinetic sea
Breaching the rift between lucidity and my dreams
Translating the enigma of existence,
For now i see what these devils see.

Drifting through the atmosphere
fluent and composed; In Perpetuum
I’ve let go of my self, surrendered all fear
We all dissolve eventually.

We all dissolve eventually
So let's embrace this entropy.
Track Name: God Complex
Flowing amongst the wicked smiles of my reflected self
I take a step into the mirror, i take my final breath.

I exit the god machine and sail on the particles of entropy
consuming the stars that try to feed off me
I bring the total collapse of everything.

Destruction nervosa.
This is my denouement.

I am creation.
The architect of perfect design.
I am the highest form of omnipotence.
I am divine.

Peer through the stained glass
Do you see what I see?
This pure malevolence
no longer a clandestine dream

You lost this eden long ago

Long foretold was my rapture,
now it has come
My esoteric understanding will tear you apart
Cathartic illusions have clouded your minds
I am your exile.

Abandon all hope
ye who defy me.

Forge your path to the dirt.

Worship me,
for I am your…
I am your god now!
Fear me!